Cheryl Albino - 2019 Candidate for Board of Education

Cheryl Ann Albino is an enthusiastic incumbent seeking re-election for the Board of Education. Cheryl has lived in Watertown for 25 years. Cheryl resides with her husband, Mark, her 12 year old son, Mark Nicholas, who attends school in our public school system, and dog Bailey.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management with a concentration in Human Resources from Central Connecticut State University. She obtained a Real Estate certificate from Naugatuck Valley Community College and a holds Health Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She is employed as a Realtor at Showcase Realty, Inc. in Oakville. Cheryl is the co-owner of Children’s Holistic Health Source, LLC, which hosts parent immersion education retreats and fairs. Children's Holistic Health Source’s (CHHS) mission is to bridge the gap between

conventional and holistic wellness, increase awareness, provide options, information and resources so families can make educated decisions for their best health.

She previously worked at Aetna, Inc. for more than 18 years in a variety of positions, including, Team Leader, Supervisor, Project Manager, Senior Plan Coordination Consultant and Training Consultant. Cheryl is an extremely passionate and active Board of Education member.

Cheryl truly enjoys giving back to her community, volunteering many hours of her time. Cheryl is a Community

Engagement Committee member on BOE. Cheryl has participated in other BOE sub-committee meetings as well. Cheryl consistently recommends beneficial programs and services for our district to look into, to continue working to bring our students the best tools and strategies for

whole child learning. Cheryl served on the district Wellness Committee, as healthy food in schools is important. Cheryl is an involved PTO parent and has been a Room Mom through the years.

Cheryl and her husband were volunteers for the 5th grade play, The Lion King. Cheryl has submitted information on grants to help offset costs, recommended adding a life skills class at the high school and partnered with a local business to bring yoga/mindfulness as an after school program. Cheryl was one of the parents selected in 2011 to participate in a grant funded initiative through the Connecticut Commission on Children and Connecticut Center for School Change, known as Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parents SEE), in 2011. Cheryl

has coordinated several classroom initiatives to send holiday cards and gifts to kids in the hospital during the holiday, as well as cards for our troops and helped her son coordinate a food drive for the Watertown Animal Control.

She volunteered in the past with the Miss Watertown scholarship program, Palace Theatre, Seven Angels Theatre, Red Cross blood drive, American Heart Association walk-a-thon and March of Dimes walk-a-thon. Cheryl also coordinated collections for Dessert Storm troops at Aetna. Cheryl is passionate about providing all students with innovative, modern education and providing a safe environment for all to learn. Cheryl is a huge proponent of social and emotional learning (SEL) and the whole child approach to education. Cheryl has thoroughly enjoyed

contributing to Watertown’s Visions of a Graduate district plan, participating in developing key characteristics, skills and knowledge to create responsible, well rounded citizens upon graduation. Cheryl is also an advocate of Zero Based Budgeting.

Cheryl is truly looking forward to continuing to serve our amazing students and community as a board member on the Watertown Board of Education for another term.

Jason Malagutti - 2019 Candidate for Board of Education

Jason Malagutti is a Watertown resident, along with his wife and two young daughters. He has had a long career as a Realtor, currently with Regency Real Estate, and he is also owner of Jennis Properties.

Jason is committed to his children's local public education. He has extensive experience in residential building and operating multiple local businesses. Jason's experience handling large budget projects, and his passion for fiscal responsibility will be an asset to the BOE.

He has been a resident of Watertown for 17 years and is active in the community through multiple charitable causes. Jason graduated from Seton Hall University with a bachelor's degree in political science.

Joshua Lambo - 2019 Candidate for Board of Education

Joshua Lambo lives in Watertown with his wife and 18-month-old son. He graduated from Crosby High School in 2002 and is employed by the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections.

Josh has dedicated his extra time to public service and with a son who will grow to be a part of the Watertown Public School System, he wants to give back and serve his community even more.

He and his wife Jamie, raised in Watertown, moved to town three years ago to start their family and enjoy the small town life offered. Josh believes that children get the best education with strong leadership and transparent oversight.

Dave Demirs - 2019 Candidate for Town Council

Dave Demirs is seeking his 5th term on the Town Council, serving the past 12 years. He resides in Oakville with his wife and two children. He is a licensed plumber and a graduate of Wilby High School.

Dave has also worked on the council's Public Works, Ordinance and Ethics Committees. He is a staunch advocate of having the Public Building Committee oversee large construction projects, like major school renovations. When downtown customers were plagued by parking tickets, Dave supported our local businesses by advocating for longer legal parking limits.

He wants to promote more business development to provide taxpayers with tax relief and he supports smart development to protect the value of resident's homes.

Rachael Anderson Ryan - 2019 Candidate for Town Council

Rachael Ryan has taught American government and history since 1994. She is a national consultant for the College Board for the AP American Government

and Politics course. Rachael also serves as the Co-Director of Athletics at Taft and coaches field hockey and lacrosse.

Rachael serves on the Watertown Charter Revision Commission as one of only two returning members. She previously proposed and argued for Section 406 which gave the Town Council the ability to remove an appointed official who acted in a manner detrimental to the Town. The Town Council subsequently used this section to remove a Planning and Zoning Chairman.

Rachael wants to ensure that all residents are treated fairly by implementing a strong Ethics Ordinance and monitoring accountability. Rachael also believes we need to do a better job of taking care of our roads and ensuring road safety.

Rachael majored in American Government at Georgetown University and received her Master’s degree in History at Harvard University.

Rachael and her husband, Greg Hawes, teach at Taft and have lived in Watertown for almost 20 years. They have two teenage children, Peyton and Lachlan. Rachael was active in the Watertown PTO's and volunteered as the President and Vice President of the Child Development Program at Taft. She also volunteers at the St. Vincent DePaul homeless shelter.

Paul Rinaldi - 2019 Candidate for Town Council

Paul Rinaldi is seeking his 12th term on the Town Council, having served since 1993.

He was Town Council Vice Chair for two terms. Paul previously served on the Economic Development Commission, Water and Sewer Authority, Public Works, Historic District Commission and the Town Hall Preservation Committee. He is also a member of UNICO.

Paul wants to see more tax relief options for senior citizens and more efficient money management - with budget savings used to replenish the General Fund. Paul is a life-long resident of Oakville and raised his family here. He graduated from Watertown High School and earned his associate’s degree from Dean Junior College and his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Bridgeport.

He is retired from Siemon Company and is also a Justice of the Peace.